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August 16, 2011


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Great post, Eric. A lot of this advice is applicable to other careers as well... as a (fairly new) manager, I still have to remind myself of some important things: Being respected is more important than being liked. Trust your people to do their jobs. But if something goes wrong, I "own" those systems - it is my fault and no one else's.


"plan b" in number 8, example please.

Chef Eric

Plan "B" is really more of a state of mine. Basically what I mean is let your crew do their job but get ready for when they don't. I've seen to many chefs get caught off gaurd when the crew drops the ball. The ancient art of improvisation is an art to be cultivated for these times.

Brian Nelson

I love the theocracy comment- that is awesome! I typically chose benevolant dictatorship, but I like this a lot better

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