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April 06, 2011


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Well, it just goes to show you....next time we meet I'll tell you our liquor inspection story...good stuff.

Congratulations, not only for yourselves but every small establishment in Michigan that can now offer an alcoholic beverage...that is after they go through the MLCC!

Chef Kelli Johnson

Your blog was a hoot. I had to read it to my husband. Thank you for the levity.
We wish you only the best :)

Chef Kelli
good eats cafe
3 Mile & Hammond rds


Wouldn't it be nice if the government just left us all alone and didn't find crap like this to worry about? I'm happy you'll soon have your license, and I'm sorry you've had such a tough time with this issue the last year.

Ashlea Walter

Thank you for you perseverance. That is some crazy bureaucracy! What a stupid law. Aren't laws meant to protect the people? How is this meant to protect anyone? Ri-dic-u-lous! Can't wait to see the 25th chair. Hey! Do high chairs count?


Eric - I have an idea, temporary as it may be. Have all of us bring in one chair each, and we'll create a Hodge-podge of seating that will look as ridiculous as this "no benches" rule - in fact the more ridiculous, the better. After you get the license, you can choose what to do! I'd also consider painting "seats" on specific 18" areas of the benches. For what it is worth - you know I am happy for you! Lee



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I realized the challenge isn't so clear given the crowded nature of our current prison system. Do we federalize a prison for these few hundred remaining inmates or parcel them out? I'd think centralization would be better, but realizing now that this isn't going to be easy.

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