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April 07, 2011


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Nice read! I want bacon and waffles now:)




after reading this a similar post showed up in my RSS feed from Accidental Hedonist with this in it: "Food, regardless of what type it may be, can have an emotional value."


It's nice to rediscover or refocus on simplicity sometimes. Myself, I find it in crafts. =)

Mary @ Microwave Oven Reviews

yeah you are right. i tried it at home similar to what you've done and it turned out to work :) haha

Kylie M.

I really enjoyed reading this article becasue I could really tell that you had feeling behind what you were writing. That cooking really got you to reach a place where you don't anywhere else. I find that part of myself in music. I love to play the piano and get lost in the music. I also enjoy listening to music others create. It inspires me!

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This is such a simple idea, but so difficult to translate into the classroom. I love the analogy. I think I need to help my students make some more waffles in my class.

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