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October 03, 2010


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We came that fateful week in June for the first time and had the best food of our lives! Thanks you so much! We will be back way before the license. It is so worth it.


Dined at your restaurant last Friday (October 1). When we made a reservation earlier and found out about the new/no byo policy, we seriously considered canceling. But we decided to honor the reservation and I'm so glad we did.

Quite simply, it was one of the best meals I've ever had. Yes, a few glasses of wine would've made dinner even more special, but none of our table of four left the restaurant disappointed.

For anyone on the fence about dining in a temporarily alcohol-free establishment, here's what we did: In lieu of drinks with dinner, we went to the Top of the Park Place for cocktails (and beautiful views of the area) before dinner and we all had nightcaps after. It all worked out just fine, and was far from a "dry" evening!

Best of luck to you and Theresa over the next several months and I hope the liquor license arrives quickly. Although my wife and I live in Chicago, we visit my parents in East Port several times a year. We'll be sure to stop in whenever we're in town.

Adam Miller

Fran Loosen

I agree with Adam 1,000%. We had dinner at TCH before the "dry" issue with a lovely bottle of wine, but in all honesty, it was just something extra compared to what we experienced on our plate that evening. The food is AMAZING, pure poetry, a gift what we drive 4 hours out of our way to enjoy now. I really appreciate the love and care and attention poured into every morsel. I hope you receive your license soon or that the ridiculous, business-killing law is somehow changed, because TCH is beautiful and should be celebrated. Keep up the great work. Can we post things like this on yelp/elsewhere to help get the word out?

John & Becky from Chicago

We'll be up next week and cannot wait to have dinner at TCH. Think about the fun you'll have putting your wine list together!

M. Louder

Wine, shmine....we go for the fantastic food....It will all work out in the end. Stay the course, cook fantanstic foods and just "be". "Zen" you will have a great time until the wine is poured. (again)

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